What is Cash Price MD, How Does It Work, and Why Should Patients Choose Us

There are ways to pay for medical care outside of what you know as traditional health insurance that enable patients to save money and sometimes a substantial amount of money if you choose to pay your provider out of your pocket and exclude your insurer from the equation. These options are frequently called Self-Pay, Direct Care, or Cash Pay.

“Are you sick of being stuck with a complicated medical billing process? Make it simple and choose cash pay!”

Cash pay has always been a part of healthcare. But it has traditionally been seen as an exception to the larger insurance market rather than effectively being developed into a niche industry of its own. It would help if you still had health insurance, despite this. Suppose you or a family member experiences a medical emergency that necessitates prolonged hospitalization or pricey treatments. In that case, health insurance will shield you from financial shocks. To save money, it makes sense to look at direct cash pay options outside of standard health insurance as patients carry more of the expense of their care.

CashPriceMD was established with the conviction that there is a better way for patients and healthcare professionals to interact and collaborate to create a more effective and affordable healthcare solution. A straightforward approach that merely focuses on the healthcare requirements of individuals, complete cost transparency, and the experience of American doctors.

Over 28 million Americans do not have health insurance, with costs being the primary justification. Most customers need to be aware of the substantial discounts many healthcare providers can give when paying with cash at the time of service.

Costs for health plans offered by employers are skyrocketing and are anticipated to keep rising. Employers are searching for cost-cutting measures. In recent years, we have observed a movement for cash payments in favor of High Deductible Health Plans. Although premiums are less expensive, consumers are still financially responsible for a more significant share of their medical expenses until their deductibles are satisfied. Today, more than 20 million Americans are covered by high-deductible health insurance plans. When deductibles are not being met, finding a provider who offers a direct cash price might be a terrific way to save money on medical care or a procedure.

We are committed to giving you access to an extensive database of healthcare professionals that prefer to conduct their practices or a portion of them exclusively for cash-paying patients.

Patients can find urgent care, chiropractic, primary and specialty care physicians, & physical therapy, diagnostic facilities, dentistry surgical facilities, & vision healthcare providers on CashPriceMD in an organized manner to satisfy their immediate requirements.

It’s time for consumers, employers, and healthcare providers to reclaim control of their healthcare. You should have the freedom and transparency to choose who you want to put your trust in to help you achieve excellent health and wellness.

How does Cash Price MD work?

For Providers

How CashPriceMD works for providers is simple. First, you sign up and complete your profile. After your information is verified including license, certifications, location, etc. You then complete your profile and select your services, price, and other information. Your services can be revised as you see fit.

At this point, you let computers do the work for you. Cash Price MD markets your profile and matches you with potential patients needing your service. Patients find you, pay upfront, and funds are held in escrow until the appointment is completed. Funds are then deposited into your account bimonthly.

For Patients

For patients looking for medical services, using Cash Price MD is straightforward. You can search the database at any time with no registration. Once you find the service and price you are looking for, you can sign up for an account and choose your service at no cost.

Once you have an account, you can use the marketplace. Shop for services, compare to the cost of your insurance and choose what is best for you. Once your appointment is set, you will get a confirmation email, and your payment will be held in escrow until the services are rendered satisfactorily.

Why should you sign up for Cash Price MD?

Cash Price MD is the choice for saving time and money for both doctors and patients.

Why should patients sign up?

Patient Choice

That’s right. You make your own healthcare decisions with Cash Price MD. No more in/out-of-network uncertainty, denials, or referrals. Search, compare, and buy healthcare services and procedures when you need them at an affordable cash price. Pay online, schedule, show up, and save.


Ever get a surprise health insurance bill? Ever get a provider balance bill? “I thought it was covered and in-network” Hide fees, deductibles, copays, and balance bills. Cash Price MD provides fair, upfront pricing on hundreds of services and procedures.

Speed and Efficiency

Our patient-centric approach connects you directly with Providers. It allows you to search, compare, buy, and book appointments from home. This eliminates time negotiating with insurance payers regarding networks, covered procedures, denials, referrals, prior authorizations, and invoices. Never again!


Providers can add line items and combine pricing to service listings. Their listing price includes all technical, professional, and facility expenses so you can make an informed purchase. Buying in advance helps the provider’s team prepare for your appointment and avoid hidden fees and costs.

Quality Suppliers

Our providers are thoroughly vetted to provide high-quality care. Before accepting new patients, we validate every provider who registers. NPI, state medical license, expiration dates, specializations, board certifications, and business information. Our system warns the provider and us when actions are required and deactivate a provider without updated information.

Why should medical providers sign up?


Imagine eliminating insurance denials, records requests, prior authorizations, chargebacks, and billing. Time and money saved? Cash Price MD does this.

Cut Costs

Eliminate wasted time on the phone with insurance payers for eligibility, benefits, referrals, appeals, and reimbursements. Sending patient bills directly to AR. Start investing time in patients and quality care.


Choose the services you want to offer, tweak them as needed, and establish your price. Health insurance payer arguments are over. Cash Price MD.

New Patients

Cash Price MD attracts new customers who pay before their appointment, so they’re more likely to show up and less likely to cancel. Our patient-provider-centered methodology promotes transparency and no surprises.

Cash Price MD Put your marketing on autopilot, do what you’re good at, and trust your direct deposit. Faster, more reliable payments boost cash flow and the bottom line.

“DOCTORS! Stop the complicated insurance hassle and sign up as a provider with Cash Price MD today!”


CashPriceMD is a medical provider directory that helps users find cash-paying doctors and hospitals. With customers liable for more healthcare costs through High Deductible Health Plans or Uninsured, it makes sense to shop for inexpensive healthcare and choose top physicians and facilities that match our requirements and budgets.

A doctor or facility offering a direct cash fee at the time of service may cost less if you pay out of pocket and keep your insurer out of the picture. Our mentioned doctors & facilities are considerate of healthcare costs and willing to discuss direct cash pricing and services. Contact providers directly to select what’s best for your healthcare needs.

CashPriceMD promotes direct patient/provider relationships in a way that prioritizes patient needs and physician competence.

Consumers may quickly locate quality, inexpensive healthcare providers that fit their requirements and budgets. Doctors and facilities can promote their practice/services to consumers seeking individualized treatment, financial payment choices, and cost transparency.

Our objective is to provide the best searchable database of cash-paying doctors and facilities. You deserve more health care choices, affordable treatment, and cost transparency.